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no. 9

Updated: May 18, 2021

abstract image with white, purple, orange, pink, and black hues

12 June 2019

replay: 25 September 2019

Akira Ito, "Praying For Mother/Earth", 禱 = Prayers (1986, Polystar, Green & Water)

Yutaka Hirose, "Nova 新星", Soundscape 2: Nova (1986, Misawa Home)

Daniel Varsano / Philippe Entremont, "Gymnopédie No.1", Piano Works (1992, Sony Classical)

Jordan De La Sierra, "Sphere Of Sublime Dances", Gymnosphere: Song Of The Rose (1978, Unity Records)

Dorothy Carter, "Tree of Life", Waillee Waillee (1978, Celeste)

Ellen Fullman, "Woven Processional", The Long String Instrument (1985, Apollo Records)

Willie Clancy, "Air: Taimse im Chodladh", The Breeze From Erin: Irish Folk Music On Wind Instruments (1969, Topic Records)

Mary Rhoads, "Golden Slippers", Le Dulcimer (1973, Le Chant Du Monde)

Kath Bloom, "A Homeless Dream", Come Here - The Florida Years (1999)

Frantz Casseus, "Dance", Haitian Dances (1954, Folkways)

Akio Niitsu (新津章夫), "あまやどり" ("Shelter From The Rain"), Pet Step (1982, Japan Record)

Midori Takada, "Crossing", Through The Looking Glass (1983, RCA Red Seal)

Maggi Payne, "Gamelan", Ahh-Ahh (Music For Ed Tannenbaum's Technological Feets 1984-1987) (2012, Root Strata)

Bobby Lyle, "Shabu Shabu", Bobby Lyle Plays Electone GX707 (1973, CBS/Sony)

unknown artist, "Variable Heart", เพลงเต้นรำนานาชาติ (Electone: International for Dancing - Vol. I)

Upper Astral, "Higher-Self Rendezvous", Higher-Self Rendezvous (1983, Valley of the Sun)

image: 8mm home movie (AW)

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