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no. 3

Updated: May 18, 2021

collage of river winding through green landscape with handrawn images of hands shaking, a teletubby, and an abstract tree of life

17 April 2019

replay: 26 June 2019

Oscilation Circuit, "Homme", Série Réflexion 1 (1984, Sound Process)

Satoshi Ashikawa (芦川聡), "Still Space", New Artist Catalogue 1983 (1983, Tra Project)

Smith & Erickson, "Stars", Blue Skies (1985)

Joanna Brouk, "Diving Deep, Remembering Love", Sounds Of The Sea (1981, Hummingbird Productions)

Enno Velthuys, "In The Royal Woods", A Glimpse Of Light (1984, Exart)

Joanne Forman, "Promeni II", Cave Vaults Of The Moon (2018, Séance Centre)

Toumani Diabaté & Ballaké Sissoko, "Cheikhna Demba", New Ancient Strings (1999, Hannibal Records)

Kakraba Lobi and Midori Takada (高田みどり), "Cow Steps", African Percussion Meeting (1990, CBS/Sony)

Daniel Emmanuel, "Sunrise on a Tibetan Hillside", Echoes From Ancient Caves

Diamantener Oberhof, "Liebstockel", Diamantener Oberhof (2015, Vrystaete)

Carl Stone, "Banteay Srey", Mom's (1992, New Albion)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, "Stratus", EARS (2016, Western Vinyl)

Sue Ann Harkey, "Koto Tuning #2", The Ancient Past And The Ancient Future Are Both Seconds Away (1989, CNLF)

Pauline Oliveros, "A Love Song", The Well And The Gentle (1985, hat ART)

K. Leimer, "Very Tired", Palace Of Lights (1983)

Sarah Davachi, "Ordinal", Dominoes (2016, Jaz Records)

Carola Baer, "See The Lights Again", The Story Of Valerie (2018, Concentric Circles)

Once, "Joanna", The Hush (1981, Workprint)

Pharaoh Sanders, "Harvest Time", Pharoah (1977, India Navigation)

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