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Updated: May 18, 2021

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24 April 2019


Velly Joonas, "Stopp, Seisku Aeg!" (1980, Eesti Rahvusringhääling)

Sora, "Revans", Re​.​sort (2003, Plop)

Cleaners From Venus, "Winter Place 2", Songs For A Fallow Land (2013, Captured Tracks)

Teenage Fanclub, "Is This Music?", Bandwagonesque (1991, Creation Records)

Aril Laury with vocals by Claudia Carell, "Moody" (1982, Fly)

Sue Ann Harkey, "Necessitarianism", Listen Little Man (1982, CNLF)

Chandra, "Day Without Success", Transportation (1980, GO GO Records)

MJ Lallo, "Galaxy Latina", Take Me With You (2018, Séance Centre)

The Radio Dept., "Never Follow Suit", Clinging To A Scheme (2010, Labrador)

Jennifer Lara, "I'm in Love" (1981, Studio One)

Sister Carol, "Love in the Morning", Liberation For Africa (1983, Serious Gold)

Sir Victor Uwaifo, "Ebibi - Ekassa 28", Guitar-Boy Superstar 1970-76 comp (2008, Soundway)

Broadcast, "Black Cat", Tender Buttons (2005, Warp Records)

Tanukichan, "Lazy Love", Sundays (2018, Company Records)

Roberto Cacciapaglia, "Southafternoon", The Ann Steel Album (1979)

Riechmann, "Himmelblau", Wunderbar (1978, Sky Records)

NEU!, "Drive (Grandfunken)", Neu! '86 (2010, Grönland Records)

Stereolab, "Diagonals", Dots And Loops (1997, Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks)

R. D. Burman, "Mehbooba Mehbooba", Sholay soundtrack (1975) : )

Asha Bhosle, Hemant Bhosle"Sansani Khez Koi Baat", Sansani soundtrack (1980)

Wganda Knya, "Tifit Hayed" (1975, Discos Fuentes)

9th Wonder, "SirBlue!!!", Zion II (2018, Empire)

Arthur Russell, "Your Motion Says", Love Is Overtaking Me (2008, Audika)

Laraaji, "I Can Only Bliss Out (F'Days)", Vision Songs - Vol. I (1984)

Carly Simon, "Why (12" version)" (1982, Mirage)

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