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no. 10

Updated: May 18, 2021

flat Roman ruin with purple flowers growing in side, surrounded by green grass and yellow weeds

19 June 2019

replay: 2 October 2019

Hawaii ASMR Nature Relaxation, "Forest At Night"

Ted Lucas, "Plain and Sane and Simple Melody", Ted Lucas (1975, OM)

Sibylle Baier, "Tonight", Colour Green (2006, Orange Twin Records)

Tangerine Dream, "Sequent 'C'", Phaedra (1974, Virgin)

Emerald Web, "Eathtrails", Sound Trek (1980, Stargate)

Suzanne Ciani, "Concert At WBAI Free Music Store", Buchla Concerts 1975 (2016, Finders Keepers Records) <3

Beaver & Krause, "By Your Grace", Gandharva (1971, Warner Bros. Records)

Pharoah Sanders, "Love is Everywhere", Wisdom Through Music (1973, Impulse!)

Inspired School Of Astral Music, "Lucid Realm II", Celestrial Stairway (2012, Psychic Sounds)

Chameleon, "Pool", Superdoop (1981, Rouge Music Ltd.)

Roland Bocquet, "Paradia", Paradia (1977, Cobra)

Don Cherry, "Moving Pictures For The Ear", Eternal Now (1974, Sonet)

Trevor Bastow, "Feather Bed", Music Beds (1982, Bruton Music)

Claude Larson, "Swamps", Environment (1978, Selected Sound)

Yoichiro Yoshikawa, "Nube", Cyprus (1988, Eastworld)

Alan Dunham, "Flying Alone", Flying Alone (1980, Lylac)

Alan Dunham, "Castles in My Mind", Flying Alone (1980, Lylac)

Gerard Gesina, "Yellow Comet", Planant (1980, Musax)

Futuro Antico, "Schirak", Futuro Antico (1980)

Christina Vantzou, "11:11", No. 1 (2011, Kranky)

Hiroshi Yoshimura, "Over The Clover", Flora (1987, PREM Promotion)

Hawaii ASMR Nature Relaxation, "Forest At Night" continued : )

image: Rome, 2013 (AW)

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