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no. 101

Updated: Feb 12

17 January 2024

Douaa, "Haditouni", Habibi Funk - An Eclectic Selection Of Music From The Arab World, Part 2 (2021, Habibi Funk)

Las Añez, "Árbol Genealógico", Paralelas (2023)

Lloyd McNeill, "Salvation Army", Treasures (1976, Baobab Record Co.)

Hamid Al Shaeri, "Ouda", Kawahel (1988)

Bobbie Gentry, "Seasons Come, Seasons Go", Touch 'Em With Love (1969, Capitol Records)

Stranger Cole, Gladdy Anderson, "Just Like A River" (1967, Amalgamated Records)

Gibson & Toutant, "The Click", On the Green (2024, Sleepy Cat Records)

Tara Clerkin Trio, "The Turning Ground", On The Turning Ground (2023, World of Echo)

Maral, "setar rock" (2023)

Samantha Song, Bee Gees, "Emotion", Emotion (1978, Private Stock)

Nourished by Time, "Shed That Fear", Erotic Probiotic 2 (2023, Scenic Route)

Saâda Bonaire, "Heart Over Head", Saâda Bonaire (2013, Captured Tracks)

Monsoon, "Eyes", Third Eye (1983, Mercury)

Lisa Bella Donna, "Natajassa", Moogmentum (2021, Behind the Sky Music)

Suzanne Menzel, "What a Winter's Day", Goodbyes And Beginnings (1981)

Jana Horn, "The Dream", The Window Is The Dream (2023, No Quarter)

Roy Montgomery, "In Another Time", And Now The Rain Sounds Like Life Is Falling Down Through It (1998, Drunken Fish Records)

The Undisputed Truth, "Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite The World)/Friendship Train", Face To Face With The Truth (1971, Gordy)

Deniece Williams, "Free", This Is Niecy (1976, Columbia)

Sea Level, "Living In A Dream", On The Edge (1978, Capricorn Records)

Kara Jackson, "free", Why Does The Earth Give Us People To Love? (2023, September Recordings)

The Microphones, "I Want Wind to Blow", "The Glow" Pt. 2 (2001, K)

Musical Boxes, "Seven Victorian Musical Toys and Snuff Boxes" excerpt

Daniel Bachman, "Leaves Lying on Each Side", When The Roses Come Again (2023, Three Lobed Recordings)

G. S. Sachdev, "Joy", Bansuri - The Bamboo Flute Of India (1989, Lyrichord)

Lau Nau, "Simona", Aphrilis (2023, Fonal Records/Beacon Sound)

Mark Fry, "Down Narrow Streets", Dreaming With Alice (1972, IT)

image: ferry sunsets (AW, January 2024/December 2023)

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