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no. 102

7 February 2024

Lim Giong, "A Pure Person", Millennium Mambo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack A Film By Hou Hsiao Hsien) (2001, Milan)

Mark Renner, "Saints and Sages", Few Traces (2018, Rvng Intl.)

Judie Tzuke, "Shoot from the Heart", Ritmo (1983, Chrysalis)

Mark-Almond, "City of Dreams", Nightmusic (1996, White Cloud)

Joni Mitchell, "Impossible Dreamer", Dog Eat Dog (1985, Geffen Records)

Midwinter, "Sanctuary Stone", The Waters Of Sweet Sorrow (1993, Erehwon/Kissing Spell)

Efendi's Garden, "Fisherman", Efendi's Garden (1979, Babylon)

Al-Bara-'em, "Tha'er", Al-Bara'em (2021, SMNTCS)

Bong Peñera, "Sa Dako Paroon - Reprise", Bong Peñera (1978, Blackgold)

Harry Nilsson, "I'll Be Home", Nilsson Sings Newman (1970, RCA Victor)

Green-House, "Far More Other", A Host for All Kinds of Life (2023, Leaving Records)

The Chordettes, "Carolina Moon", Harmony Encores (1952, Columbia)

Todd Rundgren, "Healing, Pt. 1", Healing (1981, Bearsville)

Winston Curtis, "Be Thankful for What You've Got" (1984, World International Records)

Johann Strauss II, Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Johannes Wildner, "Faust: Faust: Romance", Strauss Ii, J.: Edition - Vol. 47 (1996, Marco Polo)

Doug Ashdown, "Winter in America" (1974, Decca)

Bill Fay, "Down To The Bridge", Bill Fay (1970, Decca/Deram)

The Invincibles, "Heart Full of Love" (1965, Warner Bros. Records)

Salwa, "Idaich", Idaich (1979, Voix de L'Orient)

Bill Evans Trio, "My Foolish Heart", Waltz For Debby (1962, Riverside Records)

Nina Simone, "Who Am I?", Nina Simone And Piano! (1969, RCA Victor)

Point Hsu, "A Pure Person", A Pure Person (2020, Pure Person Press)

Jonnine, "As You Sleep By My Feet", As You Sleep By My Feet (2023, do you have peace?)

Sandy Bull & The Rhythm Ace, "Love is Forever", Live 1976 (2012, Drag City)

Michael Yonkers, "My Love", Lovely Gold (2010, Drag City)

Cliff Curry, "Let Love Come In", Eccentric Soul: Sitting In The Park (2016, Numero Group)

Abba, "Fernando" (Spanish Version), Gracias Por La Musica (1980, Septima Records)

The Ronettes, "Do I Love You?", ...Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes Featuring Veronica (1964, Philles Records)

Carrie Cleveland, "Love Will Set You Free", Looking Up (1980, Cleve/Den)

image: Esther's fruit/art (2024, AW)

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