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no. 108

5 June 2024

Hiroki Tamaki, "River", Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (1980, COlumbia)

Robin Holcomb, "When I Stop Crying", Rockabye (1992, Elektra Musician)

Christine McVie, "And That's Saying a Lot", Christine Perfect (1970, Blue Horizon)

Johnny Lytle, "Mine" (1970)

Joyce Moreno, "A História Do Samba", Passarinho Urbano (1976, Cetra)

Bororó, "Goiás Velho Goiás", A Tempo E A Gosto (2024, Notes On A Journey)

Dara Puspita, "Apa Arti Hidup Ini", Tabah & Cobalah (1972, Indra)

Dania, "Zaytun", For Palestine (2023, Paralaxe Editions)

Jeena, "Love Is Resistance", Free Palestine: A Compilation for Humanitarian Aid (2024, Human Endeavour)

Erika de Casier, "Lucky", Still (2024, 4AD)

Fatshaudi, "Slow Motion" (2024)

Wu-Lu, "Daylight Song", Learning To Swim On Empty (2024, Warp Records)

Jazzless, "Something Warm About the Rain", Southeast Of Saturn (2020, Third Man Records)

Talk Talk, "I Believe in You", Spirit Of Eden (1988, Parlophone)

Lou Turner, "Pacing the Cage", Imaginational Anthem Vol. XIII: Songs Of Bruce Cockburn (2024, Tompkins Square)

Climax Landers, "Heaven Sent", Zenith No Effects (2024, Gentle Reminder)

Gibson & Toutant, "The Fairway", On the Green (2024, Sleepy Cat Records)

Cindy Lee, "Kingdom Come", Diamond Jubilee (2024)

Jeff Liberman, "Transformation", Magik Sunrise (2013, Leng)

Kitty Craft, "Shine On", Beats And Breaks From The Flower Patch (1999, Kindercore Records)

SWV, "That's What I'm Here For", New Beginning (1996, RCA)

TWEAKS, "It's Between (Me n U)", In The House We Built of Pearls (The Selected Demos) (2023)

Bolis Pupul, "Cosmic Rendez-Vous", Letter To Yu (2024, Deewee/Because Music)

Epic Soundtracks, "I Wanna Be Free (as the Lizards)", Wild Smile (An Anthology) (2012, Troubadour)

Sarah Ghriallais, "An Sceilpín Draighneach", A Collection of Songs in the Traditional & Sean​-​N​ó​s Style (Nyahh Records, 2023)

Olga Chung, Enaid, Rabih Abou-Khalil, "Connect With The Most High", Touch Your Feet Underwater (2023)

Victor Jara, "Luchín", La Población (1972, Dicap)

Jim Huxley, "Only A Song", Someone Like Me (2024, Efficient Space)

Magic Roundabout, "She's a Waterfall", Up (2021, Third Man Records)

image: important waffle. best waffle I've ever had? Al's Breakfast (Dinkytown Branch), Minneapolis, MN, October 2017

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