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no. 15

Updated: May 18, 2021

six colorful parrots sitting on branch surrounded by trees and red flowering plants

21 August 2019


Ariel Kalma and Richard Tinti, "Message 18.10.77", Osmose (1978, SFP)

The Roger Webb Sound, "Moon Bird", Vocal Patterns (1971, Music De Wolfe)

Jackie McDowell, "Harmonium for a Wood Thrush / Ee-Oh-Lay", Language Of The Birds (2015, Hairy Spider Legs)

Pablo Casals, "El Cant Dels Ocells" (1969 live recording)

Ann McMillan, "Syrinx", Gateway Summer Sound - Abstracted Animal & Other Sounds (1978, Folkways Records)

Jim Nollman, "Froggy-Went-a-Courting (300 Turkeys)", Playing Music With Animals: The Interspecies Communication Of Jim Nollman With 300 Turkeys, 12 Wolves, 20 Orca Whales (1982, Folkways Records)

Moondog, "Marimba Mondo 1 (The Rain Forest)", Elpmas (1991, Kopf)

Midori Takada, "Mr Henri Rousseau's Dream", Through the Looking Glass (1983, RCA Red Seal)

関根真理 (Sekine Mari), "Beginning", Beginning (2019, EM Records)

Dick Hyman, "Blackbird", The Age Of Electronicus (1969, Command)

Stereolab, "Gus The Mynah Bird", Sound-Dust (2001, Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks)

Emerald Web, "Valley of the Birds", Valley Of The Birds (1981, Stargate)

吉村弘 (Hiroshi Yoshimura), "Feel", Green (1986, AIR Records Inc)

小久保隆 (Takashi Kokubo), "麦穂 (Wheatear)", 虹を見た日~elegant harp~ (1993, Studio Ion)

David Naegele, "Temple In The Forest", Temple In The Forest (1982, Valley Of The Sun)

image: Parrot Jungle - Miami, Florida postcard

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