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no. 21

Updated: May 18, 2021

army men setting off colorful smoke bombs in a parking lot with blue sky and trees behind them

23 October 2019

A.R.T. Wilson, "Sarah's Theme (Air)", Overworld (2014, Growing Bin Records)

Cate le Bon, "Miami", Reward (2019, Mexican Summer)

Comus, “Diana”, Diana (1971, Dawn)

Maria Monti, "Il Letargo", Il Bestiario (1974, Rifi)

Molly Sarlé, "Twisted", Karaoke Angel (2019, Partisan Records)

Henry Flynt, "Blue Sky, Highway And Thyme", Back Porch Hillbilly Blues volume 1 (2002, Locust Music)

Frank Hovington, "90 Going North", Lonesome Road Blues (1976, Flyright Records)

Miharu Koshi and Haruomi Hosono, "Western Boléro", Swing Slow (1996, Mercury)

Pete Drake, "Sleep Walk", Forever (1964, Smash Records)

Catherine Christer Hennix, "Equal Temperament Fender Mix", Selected Early Keyboard Works (2018, Empty Editions)

Ana Roxanne, "Nocturne", ~ ~ ~ (2019, Leaving Records)

G. S. Sachdev, "Cosmos", Bansuri - The Bamboo Flute Of India (Lyrichord)

Les Halles, "Hypochondria Of The Heart", Transient (2016, Not Not Fun Records)

Marie Gabriella, "Ilumina Minha Mãe", Ilumina (2011)

Luka Productions, "Terriya", Fasokan (2017, Sahel Sounds)

Baka people, "Lullaby", Cameroon (1977, Odeon/EMI/Auvidis-UNESCO)

David Casper, "Tantra-La", Tantra-La (1982, Hummingbird Records)

image: vintage postcard, "Colored Smoke Demonstration - Sampson Air Force Base near Geneva NY, New York"

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