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no. 24

Updated: May 18, 2021

white woman sitting in front of window with rainbow prisms around her

27 November 2019

~+Chicago jazz~past&present*<3~

Mike Reed, "The Magic Drum", Flesh & Bone (2017, 482 Music)

Thurman Barker, "Kalingalinga", Voyage (1987, Uptee Productions)

Bitchin Bajas, "Angels and Demons at Play", Bajas Fresh (2017, Drag City)

Malachi Favors, Natural & Spiritual (1978, AECO Records)

Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society, "Finite" excerpt, Mandatory Reality (2019, Eremite Records)

Art Ensemble of Chicago, "Thème De Yoyo", Bande Sonore Originale Du Film "Les Stances À Sophie" (1970, Pathé)

Jaimie Branch, "simple silver surfer", Fly Or Die II: Bird Dogs Of Paradise (2019, International Anthem Recording Company)

Philip Cohran and The Artistic Heritage Ensemble, "Unity", On The Beach (1967, Zulu Records)

Angel Bat Dawid, "Black Family", The Oracle (2019, International Anthem Recording Company)

Sun Ra, "Ankh", Sound Of Joy (1968, Delmark Records)

Matana Roberts, "Jewels of the Sky: Inscription", Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis (2019, Constellation)

Anthony Braxton, New York, Fall 1974 (1975, Arista)

Makaya McCraven, "Wise Man, Wiser Woman", Universal Beings (2018, International Anthem Recording Company)

Phil Cohran & Legacy, "Blue Nile", African Skies (2010, Captcha Records)

Tomeka Reid Quartet, "The Lone Wait", Tomeka Reid Quartet (2015, Thirsty Ear)

Ben Lamar Gay, "Melhor Que Tem", Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun (2018, International Anthem Recording Company)

Kahil El'Zabar Ritual Trio, "Renaissance Of the Resistance", Renaissance Of The Resistance (1994, Delmark Records)

Resavoir, "Plantasy", Resavoir (2019, International Anthem Recording Company)

Isaiah Collier & The Chosen Few, "Wade Exp", Return Of The Black Empire (2018)

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, "Pharoah", Be Known: Ancient / Future / Music (2019, Spiritmuse Records)

Damon Locks, Black Monument Ensemble, "Sounds Like Now", Where Future Unfolds (2019, International Anthem Recording Company)

image: Jamie, Chicago, Ill., circa 2008

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