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no. 25

Updated: May 18, 2021

vintage illustrated postcard of shadow figure man surrounded by snow and snowy trees with pastel sunset in the background

18 December 2019

~wintery mixx~*

石川鷹彦 (Takahiko Ishikawa), "Winter Skies", The Firmament (1993, Eastworld)

Daniel Schmidt, "Accumulation", Abies Firma (2019, Recital)

Rahsaan Roland Kirk, "Seasons (a. One Mind Winter/Summer; b. Ninth Ghost)" excerpt, Prepare Thyself To Deal With A Miracle (1973)

Frank W. Becker (フランク・ベッカー) & 赤尾三千子 (Michiko Akao), "聖なる島々 (君が代) The Sacred Islands (Kimigayo)", Incantation (1979, Tpshiba Records)

Sylvan Grey, "Chimes For Snow Melting", Ice Flowers Melting (1981, Fortuna Records)

Arthur Russell, "Losing My Taste for the Night Life", Another Thought (1993, Point Music)

Yoko Ono, "Have You Seen a Horizon Lately?", Approximately Infinite Universe (1973, Apple Records)

Carpenters, "Yesterday Once More", Yesterday Once More (1984, A&M Records)

Pharaoh Sanders, "Prince of Peace", Izipho Zam (My Gifts) (1973, Strata-East)

Jay U Xperience, "Tribute", Ancestral Call (1993, Drum Records)

The Cleaners From Venus, "Stars Are Cold", Songs For A Fallow Land (1985)

Dexter Wansel, "Rings of Saturn", Life On Mars (1976, Philadelphia International Records)

Pablo's Eye, "La Pedrera", Barcelona (Architects Of) (1991, Celsius Blanco Records)

Windy & Carl, "Snowing" (2016)

Richard Youngs & Raül Refree, "Another Language", All Hands Around The Moment (2019, Soft Abuse)

amelia courthouse, "murphie 1", Ruby Glass (2019, Spinster)

Aqueduct Ensemble, "Potter's View North", Improvisations On An Apricot (2018, Last Resort)

Mary Lattimore, "Wawa by the Ocean", Collected Pieces (2017, Ghostly International)

新津章夫 (Akio Niitsu), "パターン*かぜ (Pattern*Cold)", Pet Step (1982, Japan Record)

image: "Prospect Park in Winter", Niagara Falls, N.Y. - postcard (cropped by me!), published by The Simplicity Co. and H. L. Woehler in the 1910s

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