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no. 26

Updated: May 18, 2021

pink clouds in a sunset with shadowy trees in the foreground
white lenten rose with yellow center with purple-hued leaves and mulch behind it

8 January 2020

Lomelda, "wildfire", wildfire covers (2019, Saddle Creek/Bandcamp)

Fabriano Fuzion, "Kosmos 1 & 2", Cosmik Sindika (1982, Safran)

Saint Emmy, "Something Real, Something Good", Good Good Love (1979, Homzy Records)

Charmer, "Searchin'", A New Beginning (c. 1980s, The Song Factory, Ltd. Records)

Andréa Daltro, "Kiuá", Kiuá (1988, Estúdio De Invenções)

Norma Tanega, "Walkin' My Cat Named Dog", Walkin' My Cat Named Dog (1966, New Voice Records)

Connie Converse, "Talkin' Like You (To Two Tall Mountains)" (1950s)

Kermit, "Rainbow Connection", (1979)

Kelsey Lu, "KINDRED I", Blood (2019, Columbia)

Leo Takami, "The Tree of Life 1", Tree Of Life (2017, Time Released Sound)

Tirzah with Coby Sey, "Devotion", Devotion (2018, Domino)

Arthur Russell, "You Did It Yourself", Iowa Dream (2019, Audika)

Prince, "Why the Butterflies", Piano & A Microphone 1983 (2018, The Prince Estate)

Alice Coltrane, "Lovely Sky Boat", A Monastic Trio (1968, Impulse!)

Aretha Franklin with James Cleveland & The Southern California Community Choir, "Wholy Holy", Amazing Grace (1972, Atlantic)

Kelsey Lu, "KINDRED II", Blood (2019, Columbia)

Tseng Ta-Yu, "Love Calls To The Stars", Offerings To The Stars - A Zither Performance (1978, East-West Art Studio)

Felicia Atkinson, "Lush", The Flower And The Vessel (2019, Shelter Press)

Conrad Schnitzler, "Ballet Statique", Con (1978, Egg)

Amon Düül II, "Green Bubble Raincoated Man", Wolf City (1972, United Artists Records)

Agiation Free, "First Communication", 2nd (1973, Vertigo)

Brainticket, "Cosmic Wind", Celestial Ocean (1973, RCA Victor)

Joel Vandroogenbroeck, "Great Valley", Images Of Flute In Nature (1978, Cenacolo)

Joel Vandroogenbroeck, "Cycle", Computer Blossoms (1981, Coloursound Library)

Joel Vandroogenbroeck, "Spaceline", California - Industrial & Scenic Moods (1988, Coloursound Library)

images: neighborhood, winter 2019/2020 (AW)

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