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no. 27

Updated: May 18, 2021

cloudy cliffs with rocks petruding and grassy ground
more cloudy cliffs with rocks petruding and grassy ground

15 January 2020

Ulla Straus, "House", Big Room (2019, Quiet Time Tapes)

Sean Nichols Savage, "Propaganda", Other Death (2015, Arbutus Records)

Angel Bat Dawid, "London", The Oracle (2019, International Anthem Recording Company)

Weyes Blood, "Open Heart", Angels in America / Weyes Blood Split (2013, Northern Spy)

Jonathan Halper, "Leaving My Old Life Behind /I am a Hermit", Puce Moment soundtrack (circa 1970)

Andrew Hill, "Illusion", One For One (1975, Blue Note)

Kosmischer Läufer, "In der Stadt und auf dem Land", The Secret Cosmic Music Of The East German Olympic Program 1972-83 - Volume Three (2015, Unknown Capability Records)

三枝成章 (Shigeaki Saegusa), "Startrek", Trace Of The Stars (1978, NHK)

Dean Blunt, Inga Copeland, "2", Black Is Beautiful (2012, Hyperdub)

Badge Époque Ensemble, "Zealous Child", Nature, Man & Woman (2019, Telephone Explosion Records)

Donald Byrd, "Cristo Redentor", A New Perspective (1964, Blue Note)

Lonnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes, "Shadows", Expansions (1975, Flying Dutchman)

Trivison / Slabe, "When Black Is White", Better Music Through Electronics (1984)

Ana Roxanne, "I'm Every Sparkly Woman", ~ ~ ~ (2019)

Leo Svirsky, "Field of Reeds", River Without Banks (2019, Unseen Worlds)

Yoshio Ojima, "Biodome", Hands・Some (1993, Newsic)

Ami Dang, "Raiments", Parted Plains (2019, Leaving Records)

Kedr Livanskiy, "Sky Kisses", Your Need (2019, 2MR)

Laraaji, "Joyous Dance", Rhythm 'N' Bliss (1982, Third Ear Music)

image: Isle of Skye, 2014 (AW)

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