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no. 28

Updated: May 18, 2021

white woman in sunglasses and pearls with two small children posing in front of windows

29 January 2020

Frank Ocean, "Moon River" (2018, Blonded)

Everything But the Girl, "On My Mind", Night And Day (1982, Cherry Red)

Felt, "Evergreen Dazed", Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty (1982, Cherry Red)

Yo La Tengo, "Today Is the Day", Summer Sun (2003, Matador)

Galaxy 500, "Ceremony", On Fire (1989, Rough Trade)

Jeff Parker & The New Breed, "Build A Nest", "C'Mon Now", "Fusion Swirl", Suite For Max Brown (2020, International Anthem Recording Company)

Sonny Sharrock, "Who Does She Hope To Be?", Ask The Ages (1991, Axiom)

Judee Sill, "Crayon Angels", Judee Sill (1971, Asylum Records)

Brother Ah, "Sekou", Key To Nowhere (1983, Divine Records)

Charlie Hadon, "We Shall Overcome", Liberation Music Orchestra (1970, Impulse!)

Mojave 3, "Bluebird of Happiness", Spoon And Rafter (2003, 4AD)

浜瀬元彦 (Motohiko Hamase), "サークレット (Circlet)", Antarctica (1987, Jarra Hill Records)

Mondo Lava, "Air Walk", Ogre Heights (2018, Hausu Mountain)

Sade, "No Ordinary Love", Love Deluxe (1992, Epic)

Lizzy Mercier Descloux, "Hard-Boiled Babe", Press Color (1979, ZE Records)

Joe Crow, "Compulsion", Compulsion (1982, Cherry Red)

Kim Gordon, "Paprika Pony", No Home Record (2019, Matador)

Francis Bebey, "Sanza tristesse", L'Amour Malade Petit - Français (Coeur A Musique)

Peter Bauman, "Romance", Romance 76 (1976, Virgin)

Anika, "I Go To Sleep", Anika (2010, Invada Records)

Modern Studies, Tommy Perman "Celestial Dance", Emergent Slow Arcs (2019, Fire Records)

Enya, "Wild Child", A Day Without Rain (2000, WEA)

Josiah Steinbrick, "(Vibraphone, Marimbaphone, Malleted Wood, Two Synthesizers)", Meeting Of Waters (2017, Banana Editions)

image: Reedy family home movie circa 1952 (grandma Genevieve holding Uncle Frank :'), 16mm

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