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no. 29

Updated: May 18, 2021

collage of three children going down an inflatable slide with smiley face stickers over their faces

5 February 2020

Joan Armatrading, "Woncha Come On Home", Show Some Emotion (1977, A&M Records)

Don Cherry, "Utopia and Visions", Organic Music Society (1973)

Yes, "Sweetness", Yes (1969, Atlantic)

Joni Mitchell, "Coyote", Hejira (1976, Asylum Records)

Chris Darrow, "Move On Down the Line", Artist Proof (1972, Fantasy)

The 5th Dimension, "Stoned Soul Picnic", Stoned Soul Picnic (1968, Soul City)

Ana Mazzotti, "Roda Mundo", Ana Mazzotti (1977)

Rosinha de Valença, "London, London", Um Violão Em Primeiro Plano (1971, RCA)

Fleetwood Mac, "Silver Springs", Rumours (1977, Warner Bros. Records)

Sonic Boom, "You're the One", Spectrum (1989, Silvertone Records)

Spectrum, "True Love Will Find You In the End", 1992

The Cranberries, "Ode To My Family", No Need To Argue (1994, Island Records)

Sinéad O'Connor, "All Apologies", Universal Mother (1994, Ensign)

Bill Orcutt, "Odds Against Tomorrow", Odds Against Tomorrow (2019, Palilalia Records)

Kath Bloom, Loren Connors, "Tall Grass", Restless Faithful Desperate (1984, St. Joan)

Gene Wilder, "Pure Imagination", Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory soundtrack (1971, Paramount Records)

Ernest Hood, "Saturday Morning Daze", Neighborhoods (1975, Thistlefield)

Jane, "It's A Fine Day", It's A Fine Day (1985, Red Cherry)

Mary Halvorson, John Dieterich, "Lace Cap", A Tangle Of Stars (2019, New Amsterdam Records)

Sam Rivers, "Beatrice", Fuchsia Swing Song (1965, Blue Note)

Molly Drake, "Happiness" (1950s)

Soft Machine, "The Floating World", Bundles (1975, Harvest)

Gerry Rafferty, "Right Down the Line", City To City (1977, United Artists Records)

Jennifer Lara, "Consider Me", Studio One Presents Jennifer Lara (1981, Studio One)

Sound Dimension, "Full Up", (1970s?, Studio One)

The Techniques, "Queen Majesty", (1967, Treasure Isle)

Laurel Aitken, "Reggae Popcorn" (1970, New Beat Records)

Marcia Griffiths, "Don't Let Me Down", Marcia (1988, Penthouse Records)

Alton Ellis, "You Make Me So Very Happy", Sunday Coming (1971, Coxsone Records)

Lutumba Simaro, "Oko Regtrtter Nagai", OK Jazz Authenticité - Volume 5 (1977, African)

image: smiley slide collage, 2020 (AW)

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