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no. 30

Updated: May 18, 2021

stuffed animals sitting outside urban building with overgrown green plants around them

19 February 2020

Ted Lucas, "It's So Easy When You Know What You're Doing", Ted Lucas (1975, OM)

Gene Clark, "No Other", No Other (1974, Asylum Records)

Nora Guthrie, "Home Before Dark", (1967, Mercury)

Amanaz, "Khala My Friend", Africa (1975, Zambia Music Parlour)

Batsumi, "Anishilabi", Batsumi (1974, R & T)

Beverly Glen Copeland, "La Vita", Primal Prayer (2019, ORG Music)

Gil Scott-Heron, Makaya McCraven, "I’ll Take Care Of You", We’re New Again (A Reimagining By Makaya McCraven) (2020, XL Recordings)

Música Esporádica, "Música Esporádica", Música Esporádica (1985, Grabaciones Accidentales)

[?], "By the Light of the Half Moon"

Priscilla Ermel, "Martim Pescador", Origens Da Luz (2020, Music From Memory)

Lucy Gooch, "My Lights Kiss Your Thoughts Every Moment", Rushing EP (2020, Paste Inside the Present)

Para One, Arthur Simonini, "La Jeune Fille en Feu (Bande originale du film)", La Jeune Fille en Feu (Bande originale du film) (2020)

Laurie Spiegel, "Appalachian Grove I", The Expanding Universe (2012, Unseen Worlds)

新崎純とナイン・シープス* = Jun Arasaki And Nine Sheep, "かじゃでぃ風節 = Kajyadhi Fu Bushi" (2018, EM Records)

Michael Rother, "Karussell", Flammende Herzen (1977, Sky Records)

Donald Byrd, "Flight Time", Black Byrd (1973, Blue Note)

Stereolab, "The Flower Called Nowhere", Dots and Loops (1997, Elektra)

Bobbi Humphrey, "Chicago, Damn", Blacks and Blues (1974, Blue Note)

Can, "Shikako Maru Ten" (1971, United Artists Record)

Yoko Ono, "Mindtrain", Fly (1971, Apple Records) [~*HBD Yoko]

Phoebe Snow, "Poetry Man", Phoebe Snow (1974, Shelter Records) [~**4 Allison]

Jack Adkins, "American Sunset", American Sunset (1984, Boink Records)

image: Chicago, Ill., near Halsted & North Ave, circa 2004 (AW)

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