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no. 31

Updated: May 18, 2021

2020 campaign signs in a traffic circle, including handmake "Make History, Vote Bernie" sign with yellow flowers

26 February 2020

Washington Phillips, "Mother's Last Words To Her Son" (1930, Columbia)

Dorothy Ashby, "Essence of Sapphire", The Fantastic Jazz Harp Of Dorothy Ashby (1965, Atlantic)

Buffy Saint Marie, "Reynardine-A Vampire Legend", Fire & Fleet & Candlelight (1967, Vanguard)

Bert Jansch, "Tree Song", Birthday Blues (1969, Transatlantic Records)

Hampshire & Foat, "The Snake and the Weasel", Saint Lawrence (2019, Athens of the North)

山崎ハコ (Hako Yamasaki), "Help Me", 綱渡り(1976, Elec Records)

Finis Africae, "El Secreto de las 12", Finis Africae (1985, Grabaciones Accidentales)

Julius Brockington, "Forty Nine Reasons", The United Chair (1973, Today Records)

Harry Case, "In A Mood", In A Mood (1989, Ichiban Records)

Winston Hussey, "A Tear Drops", The Girl I Adore (1983, Live & Learn Records)

Winston Reedy, "Baby Love", Crossover (1985, Virgin)

Tapes, "Summer Jam c​/​w Salaver" (2019, EM Records)

Gonzalo Vargas, Inkuyo, "Wipala", Land Of The Incas (1990, Fortuna Records)

The Durutti Column, "Requiem Again", Vini Reilly (1989, Factory)

Tracey Thorn, "Plain Sailing", A Distant Shore (1982, Cherry Red)

John Cale, "Big White Cloud", Vintage Violence (1970, Columbia)

Yasuaki Shimizu, "Kakashi", Kakashi (1982, Better Days)

The Pale Fountains, "Unless", Pacific Street (1984, Virgin)

Felt, "Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow", The Strange Idols Pattern And Other Short Stories (1984, Cherry Red)

The Monochrome Set, "Inside Your Heart", Early Recordings: 1975-1977 "White Noise" (2010, Captured Tracks)

The Raincoats, "No One's Little Girl", The Kitchen Tapes (1983, ROIR)

Gary Burton, "Las Vegas Tango", Good Vibes (1970, Atlantic)

Catherine Howe, "Up North", What A Beautiful Place (1971, Reflection)

Weldon Irvine, "Morning Sunrise", The Sisters (1998, Saucerman Records)

Elyse Weinberg, "Houses", Elyse (1969, Tetragrammaton Records)

Robert Lester Folsom, "My Stove's On Fire", Music And Dreams (1976, Abacus Records)

James Mason, "Free", Funk In A Mason Jar (1977, Arista)

image: feeling the Bern 2020 <3 (AW)

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