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no. 36

Updated: May 18, 2021

22 July 2020

person's hand holding toad with handdrawn rainbow heart around toad. green plants and red brick home in background.

Mary Lattimore, Paul Sukeena, "Dreaming of the Kelly Pool" (2020)

Aster Aweke, "Nafkot", Ćhewa (2019)

Miles Davis, "Flamenco Sketches", Kind Of Blue (1959, Columbia)

Craig Kupka, "Trombones of Lithia", Crystals - New Music For Relaxation 2 (1982, Folkways Records)

Julianna Barwick, "Safe", Healing Is A Miracle (2020, Ninja Tune)

Hiroshi Yoshimura, "Dance PM", Music For Nine Post Cards (1982, Sound Process)

Matchess, "For Lise" (2020)

Terry David Russell, "Jeremy", Journeyman Songwriter (1979, Surf Production)

スイート・モーリンズ (Sweet Morins), "さくら草" ("Sakurasō"), 風にさそわれて(First) (1976)

Johannes Walter "Morning Song", "Guitar Mantra I", "Humming Voices", "Guitar Mantra II", "Have A Rest", "Venus", "Confidence", Music Mantras (1984, Fortuna Records)

image: heart toad, 2020 (AW)

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