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no. 42

Updated: May 18, 2021

black and white photo of large church bells resting on the floor of a church's interior

2 December 2020

♫ chimes and bells ♫

Ambiance, "Camouflage", Ebun (1979, Da Mon Records)

McNeal & Niles, "Ja Ja", Thrust (1979, Tinkertoo)

Michal Turtle, "Village Voice", Music From The Living Room (1983, Shout)

"Russian Bells | Cleansing Negative Energy at Home"

高田みどり (Midori Takada), "Mr. Henri Rousseau's Dream", Through The Looking Glass (1983, RCA Red Seal)

湖北编钟乐团 (Hubei Chime Bells Orchestra), "Bamboo Love Song"

Morgan Fisher, "We Are All Water", Water Music (1985, Cherry Red)

Eno, Moebius, Roedelius, "Belldog", After The Heat (1978, Sky Records)

Kate Bush, "The Sensual World", The Sensual World (1989, EMI)

Milton Nascimento and Paula E Bebeto, "Saudade Dos Aviões Da Panair (Conversando No Bar)", Minas (1975, EMI)

Don Cherry, "North Brazilian Ceremonial Hymn", Organic Music Society (1973, Caprice Records)

Bourgade Bell Choir, "Someone Like You" (2012)

小久保 隆 (Takashi Kokubo), "遥かなる青い星 (Distant Blue Star)" excerpt, 風のオアシスII~森と水の物語~(1993, Studio Ion)

Smashing Pumpkins, "Disarm", Siamese Dream (1993, Virgin)

Roland P. Young, "Late Afternoon Light", Confluences (2015, EM Records)

Béliz, "Métamorphoses", Mémoires (2020, BeauMonde Records)

Pharaoh Sanders, "Prince of Peace", Izipho Zam (My Gifts) (1973, Strata-East)

Gia Margaret, "INWIW", Mia Gargaret (2020, Dalliance Recordings)

Joanna Brouk, "Chimes and Bells", The Space Between (1981, Hummingbird Productions)

image: The Grimthorpe bells in the north transept, England, 1870

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