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no. 45

Updated: May 18, 2021

cow nuzzeling small dog in bed of hay

27 January 2021

Adele Sebastian, "Desert Fairy Princess", Desert Fairy Princess (1981, UGMAA)

Skinshape, "Mandala", Oracolo (2015, Beatnik Creative)

The Creation, "No Silver Bird" (1968, Centurion)

Kellee Patterson, "Magic Wand of Love", Maiden Voyage (1973, Black Jazz Records)

Shira Small, "Eternal Life", Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon (2006, Numero Group)

Wendell Harrison, "Peace of Mind", Organic Dream (1981, Wenha)

Ronald Langestraat, "Gotta Get Away", Searching (2018, South of North)

Tommy McGee, "Make You Happy", Positive-Negative (1976, MTMG Records)

Makers, "Don't Challenge Me" (1972, Midney)

Gene Russell, "Listen Here", New Direction (1971, Black Jazz Records)

Weather Station, "Robber" (2020, Fat Possum Records)

Dolly Parton, "Light of a Clear Blue Morning", Both Sides Of Dolly Parton (1978, Lotus Records)

Antonia Lamb, "Everything Changes", Easy To Love Her (1978, MY Records)

The Radio Dept., "Heavens on Fire", Clinging To A Scheme (2010, Labrador)

This Mortal Coil, "Kangaroo", It'll End In Tears (1984, 4AD)

Jack Adkins, "Sunset Beach", American Sunset (1984, Boink Records)

Greenflow, "I Got'Cha", Solutions (1971, QCA Records)

Bee Gees, "Edge of the Universe", Main Course (1975, RSO)

Sly & the Family Stone, "Runnin Away", There's A Riot Goin' On (1971, Epic)

The Witch, "Home Town", Introduction (1972)

Conny Frischauf, "Parapiri", Die Drift (2021, Bureau B)

วิญญาณ feat Chucheewa, "Khun Fluff", Vinyan V​.​A. (ST๐๐๒) (2020, Siamese Twins Records)

Ana Roxanne, "- - -", Because Of A Flower (2020, Kranky)

Billie Eilish, ROSALÍA, "Lo Vas a Olvidar" (2021, Interscope Records)

Anna Homler feat. The Pylon King, Voices of Kwahn, "Almost Beautiful", Deliquium In C (2019, Präsens Editionen)

Cynthia, "Harakeke", Harakeke (Future Plant Music 2) (2021)

Museum of Art, "A Nameless Person Tries to Describe Herself", Museum Of No Art (2020, Séance Centre)

image: @jeremyadeline (2021)

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