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no. 48

Updated: May 18, 2021

handwritten flow chart of Canturbury Scene bands with purple and blue smiley face stickers and handdrawn frowny faces

17 March 2021

The Wilde Flowers, "Memories", The Wilde Flowers (1994, Voiceprint)

Caravan, "In The Land of Grey And Pink", In The Land Of Grey And Pink (1971, Dream)

Cos, "Nog Verder", Viva Boma (1976, Best Seller)

Hugh Hopper, Richard Sinclair, "Keep on Caring", Somewhere In France (1996, Voiceprint)

The Soft Machine, "Hope For Happiness", The Soft Machine (1968, Probe)

Kevin Ayers, "Red Green and You Blue", Shooting At The Moon (1970, Harvest)

Moving Gelatine Plates, "Like A Flower", Removing (2006, Musea)

Steve Hillage, "Octave Doctors", Motivation Radio (1977, Virgin)

Gong, "Master Builder", You (1974, Virgin)

Arzachel, "Queen St. Gang", Arzachel (1969, Evolution)

Robert Wyatt, "Free Will And Testament", Shleep (1997, Hannibal Records)

Kevin Ayers, "Decadence", Bananamour (1973, Harvest)

Hatfield And The North, "Going Up To People And Tinkling", Hatfield And The North (1973, Virgin)

Supersister, "Higher", To The Highest Bidder (1971, Polydor)

Lady June, "Gemini", The Happening Combo (2017, Market Square)

Soft Machine, "The Floating World", Bundles (1975, Harvest)

Phil Manzanera, "Frontera", Diamond Head (1975, Island Records)

Caravan, "Love Song With Flute", Caravan (1969, Verve Forecast)

Soft Heap, "Circle Line", Soft Heap (1979, Charly Records)

Hugh Hopper, Lisa S. Klossner, "Of Course", Cryptids (2000, Blueprint)

Daevid Allen, "Voice of Om", Australia Aquaria / She (1990, Demi Monde)

National Health, "The Bryden 2-Step (For Amphibians) [Part 1]", Of Queues And Cures (1978, Charly Records)

Robert Wyatt, "The Age of Self", Old Rottenhat (1985, Rough Trade)

image: Canterbury sound/scene flowchart, 2021 (AW)

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