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no. 58

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

baby squirel resting on someone's leg

18 August 2021

K. Leimer, "Facing East", Palace Of Lights (1983)

Robert Wyatt, "Memories Of You" (1982, Rough Trade)

Sinéad O'Connor, "Just Call Me Joe", The Lion And The Cobra (1987, Ensign/Chrysalis)

David Sylvian, "Nostalgia", Brilliant Trees (1984, Virgin)

Mamman Sani, "Gosi"Taaritt (2014, Sahel Sounds)

Loopsel, "Det Som Blir", EP (2020, Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox)

Car Culture feat. Great Skin, "You", Dead Rock (2021, Lighthead Records)

George Michael, "Hard Day", Faith (1987, Epic)

Carlos Maria Trindade feat. Natacha Atlas, "Sky & Soul", Deep Travel (1996, União Lisboa)

Dee-Lite, "What Is Love?", World Clique (1990, Elektra)

Cece Peniston, "Keep On Walkin", Finally (1992, A&M Records)

Aksak Maboul, "Un Caïd", Figures (2020, Crammed Discs)

The Karminsky Experience Inc., "Departures", The Power Of Suggestion (2003, Patterns Of Behaviour)

Syd Barrett, "Terrapin", The Madcap Laughs (1970, Harvest)

Don Pullen, "Gratitude", Plays Monk (1985, Paddle Wheel)

三上敏視 (Toshimi Mikami), "靄靄 Ai Ai", 気舞 (Kimai) (1996, Gru-Gru Records)

Moondog, "Pastoral II", Moondog 2 (1971, Columbia)

Juan Wauters, "A JPW Headspace 2020", Real Life Situations (2021, Captured Tracks)

The Rolling Stones, "Angie", Goat's Head Soup (1973, Rolling Stones Records)

Nico, "I'm Not Sayin'" (1965, Immediate)

Soft Machine, "A Certain Kind", The Soft Machine (1968, Probe)

Cluster, "Caramel", Zuckerzeit (1974, Brain)

Ashra, "Oasis", Correlations (1979, Virgin)

Popol Vuh, "Ah!", Hosianna Mantra (1972, Pilz)

Duke Ellington, "The Single Petal Of A Rose", The Ellington Suites (1976, Pablo Records)

image: squirrel friend (September 2021, AW)

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