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no. 60

snapping turtle behind aquarium glass

6 October 2021

Michael Shrieve, "View From The Window", Transfer Station Blue (1984, Fortuna Records)

坂本龍 (Ryuichi Sakamoto), "Grasshoppers", Thousand Knives Of Ryuichi Sakamoto (Better Days, 1978)

hasaan ibn ali, "True Train", Metaphysics: The Lost Atlantic Album (2021, Omnivore Recordings)

A.R. Kane, "The Sun Falls Into The Sea", 69 (1988, Rough Trade)

Bill Mackay and Nathan Bowles, "The I In Silence", Keys (2021, Drag City)

Kath Bloom and Loren Connors, "Come Here", Moonlight (1984, St. Joan)

Gareth Quinn Redmond, "Titim na hOiche", Laistigh Den Ghleo (2019, WRWTFWW)

広瀬豊 (Yutaka Hirose), "Humming The Sea", Soundscape 2: Nova (1986, Misawa Home)

Bitchin Bajas, "Circles On Circles", Bajas Fresh (2017, Drag City)

Mkwaju Ensemble, "Wood Dance", Ki-Motion (1981, Better Days)

A.C. Marias, "Just Talk", One Of Our Girls (Has Gone Missing) (1989, Mute)

Deux Filles, "Drinking at a Stream", Silence & Wisdom (1982, Papier Maché)

Willie Nelson, "Stardust", Stardust (1978, Columbia)

Arooj Aftab, Darian Donovan Thomas, "Baghon Main", Vulture Prince (2021, New Amsterdam Records)

Viento Y Sol, "Un Tonto", Nunca Sola Nuevo (1991, Disa)

Mary J. Blige, Roy Ayers, "Searching", Share My World (1997, MCA Records)

Sparks, "My Baby's Taking Me Home", Lil' Beethoven (2002, Lil' Beethoven Records)

Pavel Milyakov with Yana Pavlova, "Strong Willed", BLUE (2021, PSY X records)

Ironomi, "歩風 Ayumikaze", 琹の葉 Kotonoha (2019, Kitchen. Label)

Nala Sinephro, "Space 2", Space 1.8 (2021, Warp Records)

Romannis Mötte, "A Nice Showy Chase"

image: fuzzy snapping friend (October 2021, AW)

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