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no. 61

two butterflies resting on a white and yellow flower

20 October 2021

Hydroplane, "Wurlitzer Jukebox", Hydroplane (1997, Drive-In Records)

yes/and, "Ugly Orange", Ugly Orange (2021, Driftless Recordings)

Trees, "Glasgerion", The Garden of Jane Delawney (1970, CBS)

Robert Wyatt, "Gharbzadegi", Old Rottenhat (1985, Rough Trade)

Antonio Adolfo, "Venice", Antonio Adolfo (1972, Philips)

The Chi-Lites, "Have You Seen Her", (For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People (1971, Brunswick)

LeeHi, "ONLY", 4 Only (2021, AOMG)

19 Gadi Pirms Sākuma (19 Years Before the Beginning), "Singapūras vējš", 19 Gadi Pirms Sākuma (1989, Aproximate Art Agency)

坂本龍 (Ryuichi Sakamoto) and Robin Scott, "THE LEFT BANK", THE ARRANGEMENT (1982, Alfa)

Stevie Nicks, "Stand Back", The Wild Heart (1983, Modern Records)

Guardianes Del Amor, "El Perro, el Gato y Yo", Por Siempre Y Para Siempre (1996, BMG Entertainment)

COS, "Mein Maschine Ist Schön (Single Edit)" (2021, Finders Keepers Records)

Kate Bush, "This Woman's Work", The Sensual World (1989, EMI)

Sandro Brugnolini, "La notte muore (orchestra)", L'Uomo Dagli Occhiali A Specchio (1975, Vroommm)

Malcolm Cecil, "Gamelonia Dawn", Radiance (1981, Unity Records)

Johnny Mbizo Dyani with John Tchicai & Dudu Pukwana, "Magwaza", Witchdoctor's Son (1978, SteepleChase)

Nala Sinephro, "Space 3", Space 1.8 (2021, Warp Records)

Allaudin William Mathieu, "Turning Music", In The Wind (1983, Cold Mountain Music)

Walt McClements, "Rinse (repeat repeat)", A Hole in the Fence (2021, American Dreams Records)

Entre Ríos, "Haz", Material (2020)

White Light, "I Want You To Know Me", White Light (1982, Whale Records)

Matthew Young, "Dummy Line", Traveler's Advisory (1986, Mt. Rose Records)

Mark & Suzann Farmer, "Dreams", We've Been There (1978, MSJ Records)

image: windflower lovers (October 2021, AW)

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