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no. 66

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

12 January 2022 (hny<3)

Tiziano Popoli, "Minimal Dance N. 1", Burn The Night / Bruciare La Notte: Original Recordings, 1983–1989 (2021, Rvng Intl.)

Des'ree, "You Gotta Be", I Ain't Movin' (1994, Epic)

張清芳 (Zhang Qing Fang), "Men'S Talk", 光芒 (1992)

Ween, "What Deaner Was Talkin' About" [request from Bob! Thanks, Bob :P]

Delia Derbyshire, "Mattachin", The BBC Radiophonic Workshop (1968, BBC Radio Enterprises)

Suzanne Ciani, "The Fourth Wave", Seven Waves (1982, Finnadar Records)

郑怡 (Yvonne Cheng), "海上花" ("Sea ​​Flower"), 郑怡 - 瑞华33回馈典藏系列 25(流行篇) (2003)

Rosen & Spyddet, "Memoria", Memoria (2018, Janushoved/Posh Isolation)

NTsKi, "On Divination in Sleep feat. Dove (Takao Remix)" (2021, EM Records)

Pino Daniele, "Napule E'" (1977, EMI)

Monchy & Alexandra, "Te Quiero Igual Que Ayer", Exitos & Mas (2006, J&N Records)

葉歡 (Yeh Huan), "Time Couldn't Carry Away the Space of Memory", Put My True Heart In Your Hands (1988, Warner Bros.)

Shin Sasakubo feat. Sam Gendel, "Cielo People" excerpt, Chichibu (2021, Chichibu Label)

The Upsetters, "Clint Eastwood", Clint Eastwood (1970, Pama Records)

Beres Hammond, "Give It All You've Got", A Moment In Time (2008, VP Records)

The Weeknd, "Out of Time", Dawn FM (2022, XO/Republic Records)

郑怡 (Yvonne Cheng), "心情" ("Feeling"), 郑怡 - 瑞华33回馈典藏系列 25(流行篇) (2003)

SALON MUSIC, "pop life", M*A*S*H (1995, Trattoria/Polystar)

Alex Ho, "Miss Suzuki", Move Through It (2021, Music From Memory)

Trii Group, "Friend", Interest In Music (2021, Stroom)

Sarah Davachi, "The Pelican", Cantus, Descant (2020, Late Music)

Robert Haigh, "Winter Ships", Creatures Of The Deep (2017, Unseen Worlds)

Claire Rousay, more eaze, "Smaller Pools", An Afternoon Whine (2021, Ecstatic)

Patricia Wolf, "Position From The Sun" excerpt (2020) [s/o to Aaron : )]

image: new view (January 2022, AW)

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