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no. 74

little dipper constellation in sky framed by trees

15 June 2022

Saint Etienne, "Nothing Can Stop Us", Foxbase Alpha (1991, Heavenly)

Air, "Sexy Boy", Moon Safari (1998, Source)

Happy Rhodes, "If Love Is a Game, I Win", Ecto (1987, Aurul Gratification)

Kate Bush, "Suspended in Gaffa", The Dreaming (1982, EMI)

Madonna, "Live to Tell", True Blue (1986, Sire)

Joviale, "UW4GM", UW4GM (2022)

Marion Brown, "Maimoun", Vista (1975, ABC Impulse!)

Bettye Swann, "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye", The Soul View Now! (1969, Capitol Records)

Camel, "Breathless", Breathless (1978, Decca)

Mary Margaret, "Body's In Trouble", Miss America (1988, Virgin)

Ravyn Lenae, "Inside Out", Hypnos (2022, Atlantic)

Jeunesse D'ivoire, "Moon", Milano New Wave 1980-83 (2008, Spittle Records)

Art Fact, "Rain in the South", In Fact (1990)

Suse Millemann, "Patterns", Patterns (2019, Numero Group)

Jaime Roos, Estela Magnone, "Casi Tu Cara", Mujer De Sal Junto A Un Hombre Vuelto Carbón (1985, Orfeo)

Novelist, "Stay With Me", Stay With Me (2020)

RP Boo, "All Over", Established (2020, Planet Mu)

Roberto Cacciapaglia, Ann Steel, "Sparkling World", Ann Steel (1979, Durium)

Electric Light Orchestra, "Mr. Blue Sky", Out Of The Blue (1977, Jet Records)

Linda Smith, "I Just Had To", Till Another Time: 1988-1996 (2021, Captured Tracks)

あがた森魚 (Morio Agata), "X'mas Feedback Spaceman", 永遠製菓アワー/菫未来派少年展覧会 (2013, Super Fuji Discs)

Silvia Tarozzi, Deborah Walker, Coro delle Mondine de Bentivoflio, "La lega", Canti di guerra, di lavoro e d‘amore (2022, Unseen Worlds)

Black Tape For A Blue Girl, "seven days till sunrise", The Rope (1986, Projekt)

五つの赤い風船 (Itsutsu no Akai Fūsen), "時々それは", New Sky (アルバム第5集 Part 1) (1971, URC)

Orleans, "Dance With Me", Orleans II (1974, ABC Records)

Erasmo Carlos, "Meu Mar", Sonhos E Memórias 1941 - 1972 (1972, Polydor)

John Martyn, "Fairy Tale Lullaby", London Conversation (1967, Island Records)

image: dip in the tress (AW, June 2022)

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