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no. 75

purple petunia flowers growing out of a crack in the pavement

29 June 2022

These Trails, "Garden Botanum", These Trails (1973, Sinergia)

Absent Music, "The Monkey House", The Monkey House (2012, EE Tapes)

Kate Bush, "The Morning Fog", Hounds Of Love (1985, EMI)

Sunbear, "Let Love Flow For Peace", Sunbear (1977, Soul Train)

K. Yoshimatu, "Cosmic Colors", Marine Crystal (1985, Villa Blanca)

Noname, "Bye Bye Baby", Telefone (2016)

2Pac, "Keep Ya Head Up", Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.: ).Z... (1993, Interscope)

Queen, "I Want to Break Free", The Works (1984, EMI)

Vazz, "Breath", Your Lungs And Your Tongues (1986, Cathexis Recordings)

Napoleon Cherry, "Don't Hide", Walk Alone (2015, Music From Memory)

Abdullah Ibrahim Trio, "Water From An Ancient Well", Cape Town Revisited (2000, Tiptoe)

Sinéad O'Connor, "Three Babies", I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got (1990, Ensign/Chrysalis)

Catherine Howe, "It Comes With the Breezes", What A Beautiful Place (1971, Reflection)

Tomohiko Kira, "Track 1", Evil Dead Trap (Original Soundtrack)

Ghia, Sofia M, "Show Me Love", Lounge Of Love, Vol. 2 (The Chillout Songbook) (2009,

千紗子と純太 Chisako & Junta, "こんなん(Kon'nan)Difficulty" (2022, EM Records)

Barbie Bertisch, "Water Moves Slowly", Prelude (2022, Love Injection Records)

Joel St. Julien, "Collected Breath", Masking (2022, Dragon's Eye Recordings)

Angel Olsen, "All The Flowers", Big Time (2022, Jagjaguwar)

Judee Sill, "Down Where The Valleys Are Low", Heart Food (1973, Asylum Records)

Grace Jones, "I've Done It Again", Nightclubbing (1981, Island Records)

Marcos Resende, Index, "My Heart", Marcos Resende & Index (2021, Far Out Recordings)

Vlad Dobrovolski, "Far Above The Ground", Studia Spiritual (2022, 12th Isle)

Chris & Cosey, "Lost Bliss", Collected Works 1981 - 2000 (2006, Conspiracy International)

Princess Demeny, "New York Grief '86" (2021, Séance Centre)

Weekend, "Nostalgia - Version 1", La Varieté (1982, Rough Trade)

Jeff Majors, "Baby Daughter", For Us All (Yoka Boka) (1986, Glass Wing)

Tracy Cole, "My Special Love Song", On Top Of The Mountain (1975, Simondee Records)

image: flower hope during sad work lunch (AW, June 2022)

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