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no. 76

two small small yellow melon, with one sliced in half

20 July 2022

Anne Williams, "Child of the World", Wind Spirit (1988, Earthsong Productions)

Stereolab, "Strobo Accesleration (Demo)", Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night (1999, Elektra)

Sweet & Innocent, "Express Your Love" (1973, Active Records)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Emile Mosseri, "Green To You", I Could Be Your Dog / I Could Be Your Moon (2022, Ghostly International)

Reggae Disco Rockers, "The Whistle Song - Silent Dream Version" (2021, Flower Records)

鹿取洋子 (Yoko Katori), "サバンナ・サンセット" ("Savannah Sunset"), Libra = リブラ (1980, Polydor)

Bobby Hutcherson, "Manzanita", Linger Lane (1975, Blue Note)

Dougie Stu, Jeff Parker, "Joy Ride" (Jeff Parker Remix) (2020, Ropeadope)

Taucher, "Happiness (Dr. Atmo Remix)" (1993, Crash Records)

Spice Girls, "2 Become 1", Spice (1996, Virgin)

Eddie Chacon, "Pleasure, Joy and Happiness", Pleasure, Joy And Happiness (2020, Day End Records)

The Rising Storm, "A Message to Pretty", Calm Before... (1967, Remnant)

Rick Cuevas, "The Birds" (1984, Symbolism)

Rosie Lowe, Duval Timothy, "Son", Son (2021, Carrying Colour)

Finis Africae, "Juana y Rosalía", Finis Africae (1985, Grabaciones Accidentales)

The Roy G Biv Quintet, "Catch The Wind" (1969, The Roy G Biv Quintet)

Tilahun Gessesse, "Atinkugn", Greatest Hits (2008, Nahom Records Inc.)

Alex Johnson, "The Kiss", Operation Oasis (2017, Numero Group)

Tracy Cole, "On Top of the Mountain", On Top Of The Mountain (Simondee Records)

Rahel Getu, "Tilobign", Tilobign (2019)

Moliy, "Love Doc" (2022)

Rosalía, Ozuna, "Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi" (2019, Columbia)

Khotin, "Ivory Tower", Finds You Well (2020, Ghostly International)

Cocteau Twins, "Watchlar", Iceblink Luck (1990, 4AD)

Tommy Mandel, "Friend", Mello Magic (2018, Invisible City Editions)

Blondie, "Hanging On the Telephone", Parallel Lines (1978, Chrysalis)

Section 25, "Be Brave", Always Now (1981, Factory)

Wipers, "Romeo", Over The Edge (1983, Brain Eater)

The Sound, "Heartland", Jeopardy (1980, Korova)

image: melon by Transplanting Traditions (AW, July 2022)

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