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no. 77

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

10 August 2022

18 Rays, "Long Time Ago", 18 Rays (2017, Antinote)

The Smiths, "How Soon Is Now?", Hatful Of Hollow (1984, Rough Trade)

Death, "The Change", Spiritual | Mental | Physical (2011, Drag City)

Peggy Lee, "I Go To Sleep", Then Was Then And Now Is Now (1965, Capitol Records)

Ibrahim Ferrer, "Bruca Maniguá", Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer (1999, Nonesuch)

The Uniques, "Crimson and Clover" (1969, Nu Beat)

Sonoko, "Wedding With God (À Nijinski)", La Débutante (1987, Crammed Discs)

Madonna, "Secret", Erotica (1992, Warner Bros. Records)

Jabu, Daniela Dyson, "Slow Down", Sweet Company (2020, do you have peace?)

Namasenda, "Dare (AM)" (2020, PC Music)

Sally Spitz, "Tattoo" (2022)

宇多田光 (Hikaru Utada), "Kibunja Naino (Not In The Mood)", Badモード (2022, Epic)

Beach Boys, "All I Wanna Do", Sunflower (1970, Stateside)

Philamore Lincoln, "The Plains of Delight", The North Wind Blew South (1970, Epic)

Norma Tanega, "Time Becomes Gray", I’m The Sky: Studio And Demo Recordings, 1964–1971 (2022, Anthology Recordings)

bel canto, "Summer", Shimmering, Warm & Bright (1992, Crammed Discs)

Sussan Deyhim, Richard Horowitz, "Beshno Az Ney/Windfall", Logic Of The Birds (2008, Venus Rising Records)

The Ivor Cutler Trio, "I'm Going In a Field", Ludo (1967, Parlophone)

Karen Black, "Passing Through", Dreaming Of You (1971-76) (2021, Anthology Recordings)

Mario Molino, "Fior Di Loto", Mario Molino 5 (1974, CAM)

Purple Mountains, "Snow Is Falling in Manhattan", Purple Mountains (2019, Drag City)

Olivia Newton-John, "Please Don't Keep Me Waiting", Totally Hot (1978, MCA Records)

川染雅嗣 (Masashi Kawasome), "Breeze On The Hill", 雲 = Le Nuage (1986, Interface)

Cheri Knight, "Water Project #2261", American Rituals (2022, Freedom To Spend)

Sarah Davachi, "Alas, Departing", Two Sisters (2022)

image: cropped still from Belle : ) (2022, AW)

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