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no. 78

yellow and maroon sun flower with black center

24 August 2022

Bobby Hutcherson, "Theme From M-A-S-H", Linger Lane (1975, Blue Note)

SZA, "I Hate U" (radio edit), Now That's What I Call Music! 82 (2022, Universal Music Group)

Gold Cage, "Shadows", Social Crutch (2020, Felte)

Siouxsie and the Banshees, "O Baby", The Rapture (1995, Geffen Records)

鄭怡 (Yvonne Cheng), "心情" ("Feeling"), 心情 (Feeling)(1987, 可登唱片)

Los Temerarios, "Ahí Estaré Yo", Camino Del Amor (1995, AFG SIGMA RECORDS)

Cocteau Twins, "A Kissed Out Red Floatboat", Blue Bell Knoll (1988, 4AD)

Hydroplane, "New Monotonic FM", Hydroplane (1997, Drive-In Records)

Lins & Ford, "Lazy Day", Lonely Shadow (1986, Aufruhr Records)

Jade Warrior, "Lady Of The Lake", Last Autumn's Dream (1972, Vertigo)

Franco & le T.P. OK Jazz, Vicky, "Tozonga na nganga wana", 1966 / 1967 (1996, Sonodisc)

The Yardleys, "Just Remember" (1981, Troubadour Records)

Hans Otte, "Wassermannmusic (Aquarian Music) I", Aquarian Music (1995, Amiata Records)

Time Wharp, "East River Dusk", Spiro World (2022, Leaving Records)

Namasenda, Oklau, "☆", Unlimited Ammo (2021, PC Music)

Bitchin Bajas, "Amorpha", Bajascillators (2022, Drag City)

Oksana Linde, "Mariposas Acuáticas", Aquatic And Other Worlds (1983-1989) (2022, Buh Records)

Cranes, "Paris and Rome", Loved (1994, Dedicated)

Die Hornissen, "Pale Blue Eyes (The Velvet Underground Cover)" (1982, 46 Records)

Selena, "Dreaming Of You", Dreaming Of You (1995, EMI)

Beyoncé, "PLASTIC OFF THE SOFA", Renaissance (2022, Columbia)

Part Time, "Return To Cherry", Return To Cherry (2015, Mother Of Pearl)

Circuit des Yeux, "Vanishing -Live", Live From Chicago (2022, Matador Records)

Talk Talk, "Talk Talk" (1982, EMI)

New Order, "Dreams Never End", Movement (1981, Factory)

iLevel, "Minefield", I-Level (1983, Virgin)

Kate Bush, "Heads We're Dancing", The Sensual World (1989, EMI)

image: sunflower : ) (AW, August 2022)

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