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no. 79

small green plants atop a rock in a bubbling brook

14 September 2022

No Translation, "When It's Raining", Inner Distance (2021, Pure Person Press)

Soft Location, "The Rescue", Diamonds And Gems (2007, Senseless Empire)

Patricia Wolf, "Psychic Sweeping", See-Through (2022, Balmat)

Cucina Povera, "Yksin yöllä", Dalmarnock Tapes (2021, mappa)

Fairport Convention, "Decameron", Fairport Convention (1968, Polydor)

Cowboy Junkies, "Hold On To Me", Lay It Down (1996, Geffen Records)

UB40, "Don't Break My Heart", Baggariddim (1985, Virgin)

Rupert, "Soul Brothers", Kiwi Animals: Future/Primitive Aotearoa 82-91 (2020, Strangelove Music)

Wendell Harrison, "A Green Meadow", Organic Dream (1981, Wenha)

Jeanette, "Corazón de poeta", Corazón De Poeta (1981, RCA Victor)

三橋貴風 (Kifu Mitsuhashi), 山屋 清 (Kiyoshi Yamaya), "郡上節~かわさき" ("Gujo Festival ~ Kawasaki"), Shakuhachi: The Ballads Of The Village = 尺八 里の詩 (1976, Columbia)

Skylab, "Seashell", Skylab#1 (1994, L'Attitude Records)

Xscape, "Who Can I Run To", Off The Hook (1995, Columbia)

Jean Ritchie, "Wondrous Love", American Folk Tales And Songs (1957, Tradition Records)

Sanggar Ceraken of Bali, "Prelude for Meditation", Gamelan Cage (2013, Sargasso)

Bitchin Bajas, "World B. Free", Bajascillators (2022, Drag City)

Stereolab, "XXXOOO", Pulse Of The Early Brain (Switched On Volume 5) (2022, Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Disks/Warp Records)

Section 25, "Inspiration", From The Hip (1984, Factory)

Erasure, "A Little Respect", The Innocents (1988, Mute)

Life Without Buildings, "Let's Get Out", Any Other City (2001, Tugboat Records)

Half Japanese, "Miracles Happen Every Day", Charmed Life (1988, 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Watts Records)

Height/Dismay, "Mother’s Footsteps", Mother's Footsteps (1981, M Squared)

Al-Dos Band, "Doing Our Thing with Pride", Doing Our Thing With Pride (2021, Kalita Records)

Thin Lizzy, "Dancing In The Moonlight (It's Caught Me In It's Spotlight)", Bad Reputation (1977, Vertigo)

Juan Luis Guerra, "Coronita de Flores", Areíto (1992, Karen Records)

Janet Jackson, "Again", Janet. (1993, Virgin)

R.E.M., "At My Most Beautiful", Up (1998, Warner Bros. Records)

image: lil island, Hot Springs, N.C. (AW, September 2022)

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