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no. 80

black and white still image from the 2021 documentary film, Khat. Subtitles read "Come back to yourself".

28 September 2022

Twin Cosmos, "Space Flight", Double Action (1982, Twin Cosmos)

Tim Blake, "Metro/Logic", Crystal Machine (1977, Egg)

Yutie Lee, Laura Groves, "Flower Protocol - Laura Groves Remix", Flower Protocol (2020, Public Possession)

The Sundays, "You're Not The Only One I Know", Reading, Writing And Arithmetic (1990, Rough Trade)

Fairport Convention, "Quiet Joys of Brotherhood - Take 4", Liege & Lief (2007, Island Records)

Rick Cormier, "Do I Know You?", John B. & Me (1975)

竹村延和 (Nobukazu Takemura), "mahou no hiroba", Songbook (2001, Childisc)

Pharoah Sanders, "Moon Child", Moon Child (1990, Timeless Records)

Pete Jolly, "Seasons", Seasons (1970, A&M Records)

Carpenters, "We've Only Just Begun", Close To You (1970, A&M Records)


Buckshot LeFonque, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings", Buckshot LeFonque (1994, Columbia)

Masahiro Takahashi, Rose Melberg, "Sky, Ocean, and Weapons", Before Gender, Language, And Definition -性と言葉と定義の前- (2014, Kingfisher Bluez)

The Cat's Miaow, "Hollow Inside", How Did Everything Get So Fucked Up (1993, Golf)

Zap-Pow, "Mystic Mood", Revolutionary (1976, Roosevelt)

Enid Wallace, "Sweet Lips"

Locust, "No-One In the World", Morning Light (1997, Apollo)

Color Filter, "Painter From New York", Drum & Bliss (1998, Darla Records)

Sweet Trip, "Aah! Sealife", Drum & Bliss (1998, Darla Records)

Junior Varsity Km, "Flotation Nation", Drum & Bliss (1998, Darla Records)

Technicolor, "Paper of Plastic?", Drum & Bliss (1998, Darla Records)

image: still from Faya Dayi (2021, Jessica Beshir)

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