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no. 95

12 July 2023

Arco Iris, "Hoy Te Miré", Arco Iris (1970, RCA Vik)

Teeth Agency, "Church Of Light", Cherry Blossom Child (2021, Stones Throw Records)

Penny Goodwin, "Slow Hot Wind", Portrait Of A Gemini (1974, Sidney Records)

Brenda Ray, "Dreaming" (Tamoki Wambesi)

The Gaylads, "Joy In The Morning" (1968, WIRL)

Stranger Cole, Patsy Todd, The Fugitives, "Yeah Yeah Baby"(circa 1964, Strange Jah Cole)

Dantalian's Chariot, "Sun Came Bursting Through My Cloud", Chariot Rising (1995, Tenth Planet)

Jerry Moore, "Life Is a Constant Journey Home", Life Is A Constant Journey Home (1967, ESP Disk)

Joel Vandroogenbroeck, "Fairy Tale", Contemporary Pastoral And Ethnic Sounds (1980, Coloursound Library)

Barefoot Jerry, "Friends", Barefoot Jerry (1973, Warner Bros. Records)

Shiny Two Shiny, "Waiting For Us", Waiting For Us (1983, Red Flame)

Kate Bush, "Delius", Kate Bush (1984, AMIGA)

Colin Newman, "We Means We Starts" (1982, 4AD)

Madonna, "Rain", Erotica (1992, Maverick)

Enya, "Even in the Shadows", Dark Sky Island (2015, Warner Bros. Records)

Ray Lynch, "Falling in the Garden", Deep Breakfast (1984, Ray Lynch Productions)

Strawbs, "Two Weeks Last Summer", Strawberry Music Sampler No.1 (1969, Strawberry Music)

Papa M, "I Am Not Lonely With Cricket", Live From A Shark Cage (1999, Drag City)

Band of Sacsamarca, "Paloma Blanca", Mountain Music Of Peru (1966, Folkways)

Dillard Chandler, "Awake, Awake", Old Love Songs & Ballads From The Big Laurel, North Carolina (1964, Folkways)

Masayoshi Fujita, "Morocco", Bird Ambience (2021, Erased Tapes Records)

Samurai, "More Rain", Samurai (1971, Greenwich Gramophone Company)

Happy Rhodes, "When the Rain Came Down", Ecto (1992, Aural Gratification)

18 Rays, "I Feel Rain", 18 Rays (2017, Antinote)

Jamilla Woods, duendita, "Tiny Garden", Water Made Us (2023, Jagjaguwar)

Cydnee with a C, "Cry Alone", Confessions Of A Fangirl (2023)

The Other People Place, "Sunrays", Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café (2001, Warp Records)

image: neighborhood rainbow (June 2023, AW)

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