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no. 97

20 September 2023

Dama & D'Gary, "Mpiarak' Aomby - Song Of the Cowherd", The Long Way Home (1994, Shanachie)

Dear Nora, "On to September", The New Year E.P. (2002, Red Square/Magic Marker Records)

John Martyn, "Please Fall in Love with Me", Glorious Fool (1981, WEA)

Tirzah, "2 D I C U V", Trip9love​.​.​.​?​?​? (2023, Domino)

dreamcastmoe, "Floral Place", Floral Place (2019, Peoples Potential Unlimited)

Skrillex, Bibi Bourelly, "Don't Get Too Close", Don't Get Too Close (2023, Owsla/Atlantic)

細野晴臣 (Haruomi Hosono), "HONEY MOON", Medicine Compilation From The Quiet Lodge (1993, Epic)

Ruth Garbus, "Mono No Aware", Alive People (2023, Orindal Records)

Edsel Axle, "Present Moment", Variable Happiness (2023, Worried Songs)

Andy Bey, The Bey Sisters, "September In the Rain", Now! Hear! (1965, Prestige)

Bohannon, "It's Time For Peace", Stop & Go (1973, Dakar Records)

Asha Puthli, "Space Talk", The Devil Is Loose (1976, CBS)

Double Happiness, "Cut" (1990)

Elaine Malone, "Nothing Is Real", Pyrrhic (2023, Pizza Pizza Records)

Kevin Ayers, "Lullaby", Whatevershebringswesing (1972, Harvest)

Robert Wyatt, "Vandalusia", Old Rottenhat (1985, Rough Trade)

Aselefech Ashine, Getenesh Kebret, "Wegenne", Aselefech Ashine & Getenesh Kebret (1976, Kaifa Records)

Carrie Cleveland, "I Need Love", Looking Up (1980, Cleve/Den)

James & Bobby Purify, "I'm Your Puppet", James & Bobby Purify (1967, Bell Records)

Monica, "Don't Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days)", Miss Thang (1995, Rowdy Records)

Queen, "Cool Cat", Hot Space (1982, EMI)

The Blue Nile, "I Love This Life" (1981, RSO)

AIR, "Grieve Not the Spirit", In Need Of You Featuring Googie (2008)

Shuggie Otis, "Inspiration Information", Inspiration Information (1974, Epic)

Mariana Ingold, "Cara a Cara", Todo Depende (1986, Ayuí)

Travesía, "En este momento", Ni Un Minuto Más De Dolor (1983, Ayuí)

Manduka, "Naranjita", Manduka (1972, IRT)

image: future Swallowtail : ) (September 2023, AW)

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