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25 October 2023

<3 ceasefire NOW<3

Lil Yachty, "the ride-"

Loraine James, "Building Something Beautiful For Me (Holy Presence of Joan d'Arc)"

Elkka, "I Just Want To Love You"

Caroline Polachek, "I Believe"

NewJeans, "Super Shy"

L'Rain, "Pet Rock"

The Strokes, "Is This It"

Wire, "Blessed State"

The Smiths, "Still III"

Q Lazzarus, "Goodbye Horses"

The Promise, "When In Rome"

Frankie Knuckes, "Your Love"

Prince, "Controversy"

Jantra, "Makhafi"

Bad Bunny, Young Miko, "FINA"

808 State, "Pacific State (Origin)"

Björk, "Big Time Sensuality"

Mohamed Jamal, "Mili Ma Mal El Hawa"

The B-52's, "Dirty Back Road"

The Orient Express, "Layla"

Amaarae, "Reckless & Sweet"

Nourished by Time, "Daddy"

Nabihah Iqbal, "Sunflower"

CAN, "Moonshake"

Black Sabbath, "War Pigs/Luke's Wall"

The Cranberries, "Zombie"

image: sunset on the 15-501 (AW, Durham, NC)

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