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Updated: May 18, 2021

collage of a pink and orange colored hand drawn by a child on top of marbled paper

3 April 2019

replay: 8 May 2019

Kate NV, "дуб OAK", Для = For (2018, Rvng Intl.)

Matchess, "Ossify Them", Sacracorpa (2018, Trouble In Mind)

Laraaji, "Harmonica Drone", Bring On the Sun (2017, All Saints)

Bitchin Bajas, "Be Going", Bajas Fresh (2017, Drag City)

Jon Hassell, "Toucan Ocean", Vernal Equinox (1978, Lovely Music, Ltd.)

Akira Ito ‎(伊藤詳), "W・A・T・E・R", Marine Flowers (1986, Science Fantasy)

Laurie Spiegel, "Patchwork", The Exapanding Universe (1980, Philo Philo)

Domenique Dumont, "La bataille de neige", Comme Ça (2015, Antinote)

Mulatu Astatke, "Tezeta", New York - Addis - London - The Story Of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975 (2009, Strut)

Carla dal Forno, "The Garden", The Garden (2017, Blackest Ever Black)

Linda Smith, "I So Liked Spring", All The Stars That Never Were (2014, Juniper Tree Songs)

Roberto Musci, "Claudia, Wilhelm R and Me Tower of Silence", Tower of Silence (2016, Music From Memory)

Alice Coltrane, "Vrindavana Sanchara", Transcendence (1977, Warner Brothers)

Emerlad Web, "Ars Nova", Aqua Regia (1982, Stargate)

Stereolab, "Rainbo Conversation", Dots and Loops (1997, Duophonic Ultra High Frequency Discs)

Solange, "Beltway", When I Get Home (2019, Columbia)

Iury Lech, "Barreras", Música para el fin de los cantos (1990, Hyades Arts)

Pauline Anna Storm, "Energies", Trans-Millenia Consort (1982, Ether Ship Records)

Kara-Lis Coverdale, "Touch Me and Die", After Touches (2015, Sacred Phases)

Stephan Micus, "Part 1 (19 Flowerpots, 2 Hammered Dulcimers, Bavarian Zither, Shakuhachi)", Twilight Fields (1987, ECM Records)

Takashi Kokubo (小久保隆), "Awakening Of The Forest", Oasis Of The Wind II: The Oasis of Wind II-The Story of the Forest and Water (1993, Studio Ion)

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